November 19, 2012 – What to Do When Your Product Dies!?!?

Guest: Cherie Stine, COO and Slaes Chick at OCG Products, Tech Candy Cases

Cherie Stine and April Mraz

Cherie Stine and April Mraz

Cherie Stine is our first two time guest! I loved her so much the first time, and wanted to hear the rest of her story, so I had her back!

Last time we spoke, Cherie told how she sold million of her trendy product in months and then watched the market die in a month, that’s right, one month!

This time we talk about how she survived and fought back!  See her new product on the Nordstrom site.  Topics include:

  • what to do when a market dies,
  • how to find a new product based on old skills,
  • a trip to China!,
  • how to manage valuable sales channels,
  • can you create a wave?,
  • getting into the best retailers in the US,
  • dealing with Apple,
  • and listening to customers.

This is a great interview with tons of insights into products and retail.  A must listen!