October 8, 2012 – Cherie Stine and April Mraz to $3.5 MILLION in 11 Months! With NO Risk or Creativity!

Guest: Cherie Stine of OCG Products (Stretchy Shapes)

Cherie Stine

Cherie Stine and April Mraz

This is an amazing story. Cherie Stine and April Mraz, both of Birmingham, Alabama started a business with $3,500 on a credit card and in 11 months turned it into over $3 million in sales. Oh, and the product is basically a rubber band!

Listen to all the twist and turns of this story: their success at retail sales, mall carts, importing from China using Alibaba, and trade show success. Cherie tell how they got their idea and exact each step they took. Cherie and April’s products are now distributed in Germany, the Middle East and Australia and are represented by 62 amazing sales representatives in the United States! And they have showrooms in Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago and Seattle. Their products are carried nationwide in Nordstrom department stores and Hallmarks. Listen to how they learned something new every day, finally really using her MBA, and most importantly, having fun.

And Cherie takes a golf cart to work every day as the office is just a few blocks from her daughter’s school.

Cherie was so interesting, and the story so cool, that we did not finish and had to invite her back to hear the rest of the story!