October 29, 2012 – Firewall Innovator and Micro Finance Southern Style

Guests Dr. David Pensak, author of Innovation for Underdogs, and Grace Fricks, CEO of Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs

Innovation for Underdogs

Innovation for Underdogs

Dr. David Pensak

Dr. Pensak is awesome! His dry humor and omniscient insights into innovation made us big fans. He claims that he is not that smart, despite getting a PhD from Harvard in Chemistry, teaching Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine at Drexel University and innovation at Wharton, and winning the Kaufmann Foundation award for top 50 most innovative startups twice.  He is the only person to win twice and the oldest. And he is created as being the developer of first commercially successful internet firewall. Oh, and he grew up next door to some Albert guy, Einstein I think.  How could you not want to listen to this interview? We discuss:

  • Can innovation be taught?
  • Why India has an innovation problem,
  • How to see the Pacific Ocean from Colorado,
  • Growing up next to Einstein,
  • Why Botswana is so innovative,
  • Why your first idea is not eh best one,
  • And much more!


Grace Frick

Grace Frick runs Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs.  This non-profit helps entrepreneurs find capital when banks wont lend.  Her organization is part of a national group and she tells how to find capital no matter what state you live in.