October 15, 2012 – Eli Rodriguez tells us how to Get a $20M Navy Contract

Guest: Eli Rodriguez, Owner of Loui Consulting Group, Inc.

Loui Consulting Group

Loui Consulting Group

Eli Rodriguez was an employee of mine back in 94 or 95, and to see how far he has come is really exciting. He graduated from Georgia Tech and started working for the man!  A job.  Today, he celebrates a huge Navy contract and has 70 employees in the US, Japan, Italy, Spain, Guam, and Guantanamo Bay (Cuba). Such a cool story!

Eli tells us how he got started, about his first company contracts, and…

  • where the idea for his company came from,
  • how long it took at get his first prime contract,
  • his concerns about the looming defense budget cuts,
  • how small businesses have an advantage in government work,
  • how to partner to get government contracts,
  • areas of growth,
  • advice for future entrepreneurs,
  • doing business with the Federal government,
  • tells us about set-asides,
  • what is an 8A program,
  • AND, how he just got a $20M Navy contract!

This is packed with useful information about this particular business model.  If you ever wanted to learn about government contracts, this is the interview to listen to.