October 1, 2012 – Venture Capitalist Nelson Chu

Guest: Nelson Chu, Managing Director of Kinetic Ventures

Nelson Chu

Nelson Chu

Today, we are excited to have Nelson Chu on the show. We at School for Startups are not huge venture capital fans. But we agree with everything Nelson says.  Nelson is a great sport when we tease him too! He gives great insight into the VC world and how to get money from one, if you should. Ever wish you could play 500 questions with a VC, this sis your chance!

Nelson Chu joined Kinetic Ventures in 1998. His investment activities focus on , enterprise and Internet software, information and infrastructure technologies, and other emerging software and hardware technologies. He has led a broad range of Kinetic investments including BroadWare (acquired by Cisco), VerticalOne (acquired by SONE), FoodBuy (acquired by Compass Group), Vertical Acuity, Cardlytics, and Tower Cloud. His insights into clean tech and related businesses are fascinating.

Prior to joining Kinetic Ventures, Nelson worked with McKinsey & Company as a management consultant  and as a Development Manager with Oracle. Nelson received his BS (summa cum laude) in Electrical Engineering  from Virginia Tech, his MS in Electrical Engineering from MIT and his MBA (with distinction) from Harvard Business School.